Garage Door Replacement

For more than 70 years, we have been offering Garage Door Replacement services in Galveston, Hitchcock, Dickinson, and League City – and we are looking to expand our operations. If you are searching for professional garage door replacement near you in these locations, contact the experts at Galveston Garage Doors. They will work with you to best identify and understand your alternatives. We have decades of combined experience and provide satisfaction assurances and 24-hour availability for our customers’ convenience. Our classified garage door replacement services help you choose and install a stable, attractive new garage door for your home. We offer a diverse range of classic and contemporary Clopay doors, including durable and appealing steel and wood construction in conventional designs, low-maintenance and warm fake wood composite forms, and bold, modern doors made of high-quality aluminum and glass. We provide you with the complete package: excellent customer service, transparency, and trust.

When Is It Time To Replace Your Garage Door?

Garage Door Replacement Services are vital, especially if your garage door is 10 to 20 years old, and it depends on the overall condition of your door to identify whether it needs to be repaired or replaced. Minor problems in the garage door can be fixed with the help of quick assistance from a door technician, the cases where it is not recommended to replace the door completely. In contrast, others indicate the need for an entirely new garage door. You should replace your old garage door if it’s old or dangling, gets stuck while opening, has damaged or rusted parts that need frequent repairing, or is no longer attractive and features cracks, dents, peeling paint, holes, warping, or other damages. Simply put, if it has been a long time since you last replaced your garage door, you must consider replacing it with a new one.

Over time, daily use and exposure to the elements can damage your garage door and cause it to look worn. A brand-new garage door from Galveston Garage Doors will improve your home’s curb appeal and overall attraction, increase energy efficiency, reduce maintenance and repair costs, and improve home security.

Our Procedure

Our garage door replacement procedure stands out from others in the business as we adopt a step-by-step approach to get your job done. Before proceeding with your installation, we will ensure that you’ve been informed of all the options available to you and the details regarding your installation. We will ensure that you are fully informed on every step of the installation process and have no questions remaining before proceeding. Our services do not end with the completion of the replacement process. Once your old door has been replaced with a new one, our door advisor will continue his services and provide input on how to use and maintain it for the first few days. In case of any inconvenience, we will be just a call away to fix things for you.

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