Photographs Before & After


Before:  Client needed to be able to house equipment too large to fit through a single door.

After:  We removed two doors, framed a 16′ x 7′ single door.  We also replaced the siding.


Before:  Limited security and storage.  After:  The client choose Janus Roll Up door.  Louver siding was added for protection with ventilation.

4B   4After

Before:  The client needed access to an alley behind his house.  After:  A garage door was added so that they could pull through.  Easy access from either side.


Before:  This pull through was not secure for any storage.  After:  We matched the louver walls and framed in garage doors, for privacy and security.


Before:  Very small single window in this home shop.  We framed a new door that allows for ventilation while working and a more secure access and storage for vehicles or machinery.